Headless Artworld
I never understood the superficial exclusiveness of social scenes or other constructed elitist groups, nor the obsession of their fans who confirm their existence and endorse them.
As experience proves, to join a „cool“ or „elite“ scene, you have to compromise your own identity by following their rules and, in many cases, a bunch of very narrow minded views. In the long-term, this will make it impossible to be your true self – a goal most of us desired as we all grew up and began to carve out our place in this world.
This is precisely why I decided to use the public space for the reflection of socio-political topics and issues that should be discussed by everyone, rather than merely promoting myself by writing a name next to the statement.
To be honest, in my opinion it shouldn‘t matter who is the actual author behind a motif, painting or installation. What matters is the fact that someone is taking action and is creatively finding a way to question the status quo of a society. My hope is that art pieces, regardless of the artist behind them, will inspire others to create something even bigger to inspire others, using their own individual skills and experiences.
A Call To Action is needed now: As history has proved many times a tiny spark could cause a chain reaction that leads to a better future for those who were persecuted or oppressed.
All of this is based on the D.I.Y. self empowerment tactics that grass root movements are applying when they want to achieve something that the overwhelming majority of us would call impossible.
This website will document and share selected works in public space that illustrate what is possible and achievable when an individual puts all of his creative energy towards a cause, so that others can be inspired making a change. (Beside of all the ads telling you how to be dressed, which smartphone to buy next or where to spend your upcoming holidays).
Related to these words, as a result, the website is offering certain posters and other goodies to download for your personal use and to share with those you believe they should see it.
In short, this website is providing a documentary contribution about what is possible by almost all of us, without using a certain name in public space. It does‘nt call for criminal offense in any way. The displayed works have not necessarily been executed by the author of this website or its administrators, as most of works were sent to us anonymously or come from various sources of the internet.